In this release:

  • Text parameters are supported: a big set of text functions, such as FIND, LEN, UPPER and LOWER is added. String concatenation operator “&” is added;
  • Boolean values are supported: if Math finds “TRUE” or “FALSE” values in the parameters, it works with them as with Boolean values. Logical functions return Boolean values, not 1 or 0;
  • Logical function set is extended: SWITCH, TRUE, FALSE functions are added.

Starting from this version any table on the page may be used.

  • The source to take table values form - whole page or macro body - is specified by the parameter.
  • Any cell of any table may be specified with notation like Table1.A1, Table2.B3 and so on.

Starting from Math 5.0.0 it is possible to specify a Confluence page to read table cell values from. To do that do the following:

  • Set outer-values-source parameter value to Other page
  • Specify page in current or any other space as other-confluence-page parameter value
  • Refer table cell values in the formula as usual

Result: Table cell values will be taken from the page, specified in other-confluence-page parameter

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