CelesteCS Math plugin's main macro is Numerical Expression, which allows one to enter a formula on the Confluence page. The formula evaluation is performed on page load on the server side. Formula may be the only part of the macro body, or specified as a part of text, enclosed in curly or square brackets - controlled by the parameter.

The power of Numerical Expression is in the ability to use outside data – table cell values and macros – as formula operands. Table cells are referenced in a simple Excel-like manner, for example 'ROUND(Table1.A2)'. Table cell ranges are also supported and may be specified like in the following example: SUM(Table1.A2:B10). Source table may be located on current or other wiki page.

Macro may be specified as one of the formula operands. Most of the macros are rendered as a text, so if you want to use numerical part of macro output, use VALUE function, which returns the first numerical value of its parameter.

If formula text is formatted, this format will be applied to the Numerical Expression output. If you want to apply some text format to the macro output, for example show the result as a currency, use FORMAT function.

Note for Cloud version: Math Cloud plug-in performs user-impersonated calls to Jira Cloud methods in JIRAISSUECOUNT, JIRAISSUEFIELDVALUES and JIRAISSUEFIELDVALUESBYFIELDID functions. This functionality is available when CelesteCS Math for Confluence Cloud - Jira Integration plug-in is installed on your primary Jira Cloud instance. Specifying non-primary Jira Cloud instances is not supported. So, if you need to use Jira-related functions on your Confluence Cloud, please, install the CelesteCS Math for Confluence Cloud - Jira Integration plug-in on your primary Jira Cloud instance.

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