Reporting Table View macro is a container for other Reporting macros. It is used to gather all the macros, used to form the table report. It should contain one Data Provider macro (Reporting Jira Data Provider macro or Reporting Confluence Data Provider macro) and one to many Reporting Table Item macros. Data providers read data from appropriate sources and form it as JSON data. Reporting Table Item macros take appropriate fields from data providers and use it as values of the column cells.

Reporting Table View macro has the following parameters:

Parameter Description
[Enum] Decimal symbol (default='.(dot)') Specifies symbol used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a value. Supported values are ".(dot)" (default) and ",(comma)".
[Enum] Digit grouping symbol (default='(no grouping symbol)') A symbol used to separate the groups of digits of a value. Supported values are "(no grouping symbol)" (default), " (space)", ".(dot)", ",(comma)" and "'(apostrophe)".
[String] Empty response text content (default='No data.') This text value will be shown when zero items were returned on the specified request. (Technical) In case of Jira and Confluence data providers this text is shown when search requests returned code 400.
[Enum] Empty response text output type (default='Plain text') The way how the Empty response text will be pre-processed before writing to the page. May have one of the following values:
  • Plain text
    • Means, that the text will be shown as is.
    • (Technical) In this case the text is escaped before being shown, so '<' becomes '&lt;' and so on.
  • HTML
    • Means, that the specified text will not be escaped so you may specify a correct HTML code to add any formatting or an image to your text.
    • In this case some additional checks are performed.
[Boolean] Load macro dynamically (default='False') If turned on, only a tiny part of macro is loaded initially and all calculations are performed in parallel and loaded afterwards. This lets a parent page to be loaded without waiting while all calculations are finished.
Note: The feature applies to server version only.